11 Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android and iPhone

To create a cartoon avatar, you don’t need to learn photoshop or any other specific editing software or tool. Avatar maker apps are so popular these days. There are many best trending avatar maker and cartoon avatar maker apps you can use to create your own avatar. You can use your photos to create an interesting avatar to look unique. Avatars are so popular these days, specially on social media. Teenagers are big fans of avatars, they are using it on their different social media profiles as a profile picture to look something cool and different.

Cartoon Avatars are so popular these days among the youngsters especially. If you are looking for cartoon avatar maker apps to create a representation of yourself and share it on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Use these avatar creator apps to create all new avatars.

Creating a cartoon avatar is not an easy task for anyone. If you have knowledge about Photoshop or any other type of photo editing software, then you can create a cartoon avatar very easily. But for those who don’t have any expertise in photoshop or any other editing apps or software. Then you can try any of the avatar maker apps.

What is an Avatar?

Avatar Maker Apps

Avatar word has different meanings in different contexts. According to the Hindu religion, the word Avatar refers to the descent of divinity from heaven to Earth. Basically, the word Avatar means a form of God in the Hindu religion. But in context with this article, Avatar means a cartoonish looking avatar.

Top 11 Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Android and iOS

A list of best cartoon avatar maker apps is here. Download and create your own avatar.

1 – BitMoji

It is one of the most popular and top-rated cartoon maker app that you can use on your Android and iOS you can download. There are millions of users of Bitmoji from different countries. With Bitmoji avatar maker app, you can create avatars and send or share them with your friends and family or on social media platforms. You can create expensive cartoon avatars with the Bitmoji application. This app allows you to create avatars with different emotions and expressions such as laughing, crying, funny face, etc. There is a library of stickers you can use to create a realistic avatar of yourself. We can say that Bitmoji is one of the best free cartoon avatar maker app for Android.

Download Bitmoji app for – Android and iOS

2 – Androidify

It is not a pure cartoon avatar maker, but it is used to create and decorate the character which appears the same as you. Create a droid picture of yourself with this amazing application. Androidify is a popular cartoon avatar maker app of 2020 and 2021. That’s why it is number 2 in our list of best cartoon avatar maker apps. You must give it a try if you don’t want to use complex avatar maker software. Download Androidify and create an avatar of yourself today. But due to some policy reasons, Google removes Androidify app from the Play store.

3 – ToonMe – Cartoon Avatar Maker from Photo

If you want to create a cartoon avatar from your photo then ToonMe app is perfect to do. ToonMe is a Cartoon avatar photo maker app that is a unique, feature-loaded, and free avatar maker app for android and iOS to create cartoon avatars that will look similar to you. The cartoon avatar photo maker app provides you with many editing options such as changing hair color and style, different face styles, mouth style, and sunglasses. There is a lot of things to do and create a creative and unique avatar. You can also customize everything to create a cartoon avatar of yourself. Download this amazing app and show your creativity.

Download ToonMe cartoon avatar photo maker app for – Android

4 – Avatar Maker Anime

Avatar Maker Anime is another popular avatar maker app for Android and iPhone. This app lets you do so many customizations like you can change your hairstyle, facial expressions, and many other things. Depending on your creativity and artistic mind how attractive and perfect an anime avatar you can make with this Avatar maker Anime app. The app is available for both the platforms Android and iOS. You can download the app and use it for free. You also get some in-app purchase items if you want to create expensive avatars. But we recommend you to go with the free things if you have some graphic designing type work then you can purchase the items for more customizations with your projects.

Download Avatar Maker Anime App for – Android

5 – SuperMe – Cartoon Avatar Maker

SuperMe is one of the best cartoon avatar maker app out there that can be used as a custom cartoon avatar creator app. You can edit the features in every aspect while creating an avatar. SuperMe app follows a Japanese amine concept and gives an anime feel to the customized avatar. That’s why SuperMii is also the best-customized cartoon avatar app of 2021 for android. Download and create your own avatar.

Download SuperMii cartoon avatar maker app for – Android

6 – FaceQ – Cartoon Avatar Creator

FaceQ, a powerful avatar maker app for Android which is very easy to use. This app comes with an enormous user interface and features. If you don’t know how to draw this app will help you to create an expressive cartoon avatar. There are millions of downloads of this app from the Google play store.

But due to some privacy policy reasons, FaceQ app is not available on the Google play store but you can download it from other app downloading sites like Trend Rays, ApkPure, Softonic, etc.

FaceQ comes with lots of powerful editing features you will not find everywhere. Use the amazing editing features to create your cartoon avatar. That’s why it is on our list of best cartoon avatar maker apps.

7 – BOOO – 3D Avatar Creator App

Boo is one of the best and popular 3D avatar maker app and emoji maker app for Android and iOS which is available freely on the Google play store and App store. You can make different characters and play different games and use that avatar as your game profile picture to look cool. You can create your own 3D avatar using the Boo application. With the 3D avatar creation technology the application used with the help of Artificial Intelligence, you will get surprised with the 3d avatar of yourself. This free avatar-making app can also be used to communicate with your loved ones as you can send your secret messages and love letters to your crush. This avatar maker app is available for both the platforms Android and iOS. If you are a parent so always keep in mind that this app can be used to chat with strangers so your children could be a victim of online fraud.

Download BOOO 3d avatar creator app for – Android

8 – Face Avatar Maker

This avatar-making app is an entertainment app that allows you to make avatars of yourself and your friends. Face avatar maker lets you create your own free avatar and share it with your friends and family. This avatar maker app has tons of customization options so that you can change your appearance. This avatar maker app comes with different styles and outfit options and plenty of stickers and emojis. It is an easy-to-use app for avatar creation. The app also comes with different colors and effects you can apply to your avatar.

Download Face Avatar Maker Creator for – Android

9 – MojiPop

If you want to make your own funny cartoon sticker then MojiPop app is the best app to do that. You can also add a pinch of humor to your charts. With just 2 taps you will be able to use different animated stickers available in the application, and you can also customize the stickers the way you want. This application uses some advanced FRA(facial recognition algorithms) to detect your face and create stickers that look exact to you and alive. The premium and free version of the application is available you can choose as per your need. The paid version of MojiPop app starts at $5.99 per month which gives you some exclusive features. But the free version of the app is enough capable to create any kind of stickers. The app is currently available for both Android and iOS users.

Download MojiPop for – Android

10 – Factory of Avatar

With the help of this application, you can edit your anime avatar photos, head portrait photos, profile pictures by using different cool stickers and adornments. Dress up your fancy avatar and adjust the facial expressions of your cartoon avatar and customize the other things with your creativity. Factory of avatar comes with a single classification resource bundle. You can download different elements every time you want to use them. The size of the elements will be in KB so it will take a few seconds to download, but the good thing is that the elements are free to download and use. Which is a good thing about this application.

11 – Doll Maker

It is an all-in-one game especially for girls or fans of dress-up games, pet dolls, vinder dolls, fashion dolls, etc. you can create with the help of the Doll Maker app. It is a create cute avatar and makeover game for girls. You can customize the doll character as per your creativity to look your doll gorgeous by coloring her eyes, changing the hairstyle, and many more other customizations you can make. You can customize everything of the doll’s character with the help of this amazing application. Like changing eyes, mouth, hairstyle, wig, makeup the doll, and doing many other things. After creating the avatar doll you can also save it to your gallery and use it as an avatar on your different social media handles. This app is personally tested by our female application tester team and they find it a good app to create an avatar. Currently, Doll maker app is available for Android.

Download Doll Maker App for – Android


So this was the list of the latest best avatar maker apps for Android and iOS. Create your own avatar with these cartoon avatar maker apps. These apps are trending these days people are creating an animated avatars and sharing them on social media.

As the name of the application tells its functionality that this app is especially for girls. Dollmaker app is popular in Japan mostly as well as in other ASIAN countries and USA also. In Japanese, they call KAWAII a cute and adorable person. Turn your imaginations into reality and you can build your own KAWAII character with numerous items of Kawaii fashion. You get more than 150+ items to customize your Kawaii character. You can edit every single detail of the character. The Doll maker app is available for Android and iOS you can download and create a Kawaii character with this app.