Comprehensive Guide to Develop a Successful Chat App Like WhatsApp

Comprehensive Guide to Develop a Successful Chat App Like WhatsApp

The age of the internet has brought the world from traditional letters to new age messaging apps. These messaging apps not only provide calling and messaging features, but also give them access to share media worldwide. The internet has helped in making the world a global village, with connectivity no longer a far-fetched myth. We will be talking about WhatsApp clone script in this article.

Messaging apps are the most beneficial sector because of the rise of the internet. Earlier, messaging used to be done using letters and postcards, which used to take several days to reach the required person. With the introduction of these apps and the internet, the world has come a long way. Now it hardly takes any second to message someone, no matter where on earth the person is. If they have the internet, they have everything. From Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp and more to professional apps such as Slack, discord chat apps are rapidly becoming a necessity in personal and professional life alike. There would be hardly any person who doesn’t use these apps in day to day life. It has made everyone’s life easier than before. People can send and receive photos, videos, important documents, and whatnot. 

One of the messaging apps giving WhatsApp equal clash is WhatsApp. The main reason for the app coming into the limelight is its data storage and security issues.  Chat apps like WhatsApp do not rely on external resources for data storage and have encrypted messaging as one of their core features.

WhatsApp has had more than 365 million downloads from the time it was launched. Due to many amazing features, a lot of start-ups and mobile app development companies alike are looking toward developing similar messaging apps as their next big break. 

Therefore, if you are wondering how to build your messaging app similar to WhatsApp clone script? Here’s your comprehensive guide to help you get started with it.

Where and how to get started?

The process of developing any app, whether it be a messaging app or a food delivery app, needs a well-defined process to be followed. It needs a structured flow of development from starting to execution. To help you with the process, here are a few steps that you can follow to get started with building your chat  app like WhatsApp:


Before starting with the development process, you need to do a lot of research about the subject. The research includes analyzing your target audience, target market, etc. Research helps you develop your app in a better way. Research and analyzing help in understanding the customers better and providing them with efficient services. To develop a WhatsApp clone app, you can research its functionalities, coding, and other mechanisms. You also need to understand what your customers want from you. And then you can customize the app according to user needs and requirements. You must also have a look at other similar messaging apps in the market and their functionalities to understand the competition. Analyzing the competition is also very important to stand out in the market.


Once you are done with the research and analysis part, you can make a blueprint of everything from the beginning to the execution of the app. The blueprint would include everything about the project. Here are some points you need to include in the blueprint or your plan.

  • Logistical requirements
  • Technology stack
  • Hire Mobile app developer(s) required
  • Budget required for hiring developers and designers. 
  • How and when to raise the funds for the app.

After you make the execution plan, you can set some deadlines to complete the project effectively.


Once you are done with making the plan, you can get started with the coding part. First, the designer team needs to make the prototype and then the developers can choose the required frameworks and tech stacks. Then they can get started with the development phase. Also, you need to keep in mind to test the app after every level. Testing the app at every interval makes sure that it is safe from any security vulnerabilities.

For your easiness, here are some of the most used tech stacks that are used for apps like WhatsApp clone script:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • Objective-C
  • C++
  • C
  • Cocoa Touch for iOS


After the app is developed, you need to market your app. This is the most important step while developing a base in the market. First, you can analyze your target audience and identify the region that has the most of your target audience. Then you need to see if you have any competitors in that region. If not, this might be the best market for you to market your services. Otherwise, you can choose to go with a different market.


Once your app is all set, tested and bug-free, you need to develop a launch plan. You can also create a beta or alpha version for test-launching before the main launch plan of the app.

Must-include Features for Your Messaging App

Before you set out to create your messaging app, understand what features and functionalities the app needs to contain. These features help the customers to use the app more efficiently. Here are a few features that a good messaging app requires:

  • Secured Database
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • AI integration in the form of Chatbots
  • Facilitating API integration with Other Social Apps
  • In-app File Transfer
  • Cloud Storage
  • Chat Groups

Post Launch

After the launch of the app, you are not done yet. You need to provide regular updates to the app from time to time. You need to test the app after every interval and make changes according to the user reviews and ratings.


These are the steps you need to follow while developing a chat app like WhatsApp. If you are thinking of starting a business and have your chatting app, WhatsApp clone app is one of the best options to interact with customers and audiences. You can choose any WhatsApp clone script and market your WhatsApp clone app in the market.