Top 10 Best Font Style Apps for Android and iPhones in 2021

best font style apps

We live in the modern and advanced era of technology. We create different textual projects and other kinds of stuff where stylish and professional fonts matter a lot. A font style is a way of writing a word independently or in a sentence. A font style app is used to apply professional font styles to the words and sentences. The font style app allows users to change the font style of the text displayed on their phone screen according to their choice. You will find hundreds of different font styles in these applications. Below, we created a list of some best font style apps for Android and iOS you can download. Change your simple-looking fonts into stylish ones.

Best Font Style Apps for Android and iOS

There are hundreds of stylish font apps available on the google play store and app store. But only a few apps work fine and users can trust those apps. These apps come with professional and good-quality font style apps. You can download any of the below-listed font style apps for your Android or iOS device and use:

1 – Hi-Font

Hi-Font is one of the best font style app that comes with a wide variety of different font styles. You can select any font and use it as your smartphone’s default font. Download hundreds of fonts to customize your phone for free. Some of the cool features of Hi-font app are:

It is available free to download for Android.

The fonts are colored to match the theme of the font style selected by the user.

The app supports multiple generations of HTC and Samsung devices which are based on Android OS.

The application also offers you different font styles ranging from subtle texts to font styles that can perfectly match the dark themes.

It is one of the high-rated font style apps for Android.

Download Hi-Font App for – Android

2 – iFont

iFont is another popular font style app with a high rating on the Google play store. This app is compatible with almost every phone as it is supported by all phone manufacturers. You can choose from a wide range of stylish fonts and use them as your phone’s fonts. Send messages to your friends and loved ones in professional and stylish-looking fonts. Some features of iFont app are:

This application supports over 100 font styles

Choose from the beautiful fonts and showcase your distinctive characteristics your personality

The app is supported by multiple mobile phone manufacturers such as Meizu, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, and many more

4+ Rating on the Google Play Store

Easy to use and select the different fonts

The app supports custom skins for different font styles

Download iFont App for – Android

3 – Picsay Pro Font Pack – Font Style App

Picsay app provides different stylish fonts packs for different purposes like letter writing, note-making, etc. You can choose from a wide range of stylish fronts from the app’s font library. Use any of the font skins on your device. You can preview the fonts before applying them to your phone. Some of the highlighted features of this awesome font style application are:

Picsay font style app is compatible with all the Android smartphone manufacturers

This app is available for Android as well for Notebooks

Contains multiple styles with matching colors for each separate font

4+ rating on the Google play store which means it is the best font style app for Android

Download Picsay Pro Font Pack App for – Android

4 – Stylish Fonts

Stylish fonts is a popular font style app for Android. It provides a stylish look to your phone with attractive and professional fonts. A stylish font app is also the best app to decorate the text with different symbols, text, and styles. The key features of the Stylish Fonts app are:

Get more than 50 stylish fonts

Unlimited possibilities to generate stylish text and art and you can share your art on social media

Create stylish bio and status and share with your loved ones and on different social media platforms

Message maker features to create and send stunning stylish greeting images.

Download Stylish Fonts App for – Android

5 – Chat Styles

Font-style apps are so popular for chatting purposes because of the good-looking fonts. These apps are being used very widely for messaging with friends who require rapid style switch options that make it easy to change the font styles. This best chat-style app offers you the following features:

Generate your custom-designed fonts using this application

The application is supported by all messaging platforms(WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc)

User-friendly interface to use its features easily

Text font changer app

A variety of stylish fonts to choose from

WhatsApp fonts, messenger fonts, and other

Download Chat Styles App for – Android

6 – Stylish Fonts Free

Stylish fonts is a free and popular font style app that is supported by all big mobile manufacturers all over the world like – Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, HTC, etc. The Stylish fonts free app comes with some special features we will see below.

Popular user-friendly interface with multiple types of font style packs are available to download and use

The functions and options are easy to navigate and users can also import custom font styles

You can change font styles easily with the quick setting feature available for Android devices

Download Stylish Fonts Free App for – Android

7 – zFont 3

It is a new font style app for Android you can download and try new stylish fonts on your smartphone. Many best font style apps are not supported on the latest versions of Android, but zFont 3 app is compatible with all the versions of Android out there. Some interesting features of zFont 3 app are:

Supported by all mobile phone manufacturers and all Android versions are compatible with this application

Contains professional fonts that can be applied to the device’s software directly

You can also add your custom font styles

Download zFont 3 font style app for – Android

8 – Font Rush

Font Rush is an amazing font style application that allows users to create their own written content using the app. This app gives an amazing new experience to the user. Some of the best features of this awesome application are:

The app allows users to write on their pictures using a large number of font styles

Users can make stylish quotes with this app

Write stylish and attractive messages using professional fonts

You can create graphics flyers and written content

Contains many font style packs that allow users to customize their content based on their preferences.

Download Font Rush App for – Android

9 – Cool Fonts – Font Style App for iOS

Cool fonts are one of the best font-style apps for iOS. If you want to change the fonts of your iPhone or iPad then you must consider this app. This app gives users the freedom to do anything they want to change with the tools available in the app. You can decide what type of fonts they want to apply to their device messages and other applications. Users can decide the font styling for different apps installed on their iOS devices. Let’s have a look at the features of Cool fonts app:

The app is verified by the “App Store”

Comes with custom themes and designs for your phone keyboard

Adjust the text color to match with the theme color

Its tools can be used to create unique content for social media platforms

Download Cool Fonts Apps for – iOS

10 – Any Font

Any Font is the best app for font styles that works with all third-party apps available on the App store. There is a large library of stylish fonts in this app you can choose anyone. The app fonts are compatible and work with all the existing apps installed on your device. You can change the font style of any app on your iOS device. Some interesting features of this font style app for iOS are:

Special tools that allow users to use the font styling tools on other apps such as Excel, PowerPoint, docs, etc

Verified application and supported on multiple Apple devices

Custom fonts can be imported using tools provided by the application

Download Any Font App for – iOS