Top 10 Makeup Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

become an makeup artist using these makeup apps

Makeup is a crucial part of human lifestyle no matter if you are a boy or girl, everyone wants to look good all the time. But it is very hard to look perfect all the time, especially when you don’t have expensive makeup items to use. So don’t worry, in this article we listed some best free makeup app for Android and iOS.

With the help of these makeup apps, you can learn professional makeup and also make career as a makeup artist and earn a good amount of money by following your passion.

It is hard to look good all the time without spending a lot of money on expensive makeup items. Not everyone can hire a professional makeup artist. But don’t worry, there are many awesome and free makeup apps you can download from Google Play Store and App Store. With the help of these makeup apps, it is now easy to make up at home with limited items. You will get a detailed guide and instructions on applying your favorite makeup products step by step. There are editing tools and filters you can try. Here is the list of the best makeup apps for Android and iPhone, which will help you maintain your beauty routine in check without putting a hole in your pocket.

These applications work great by giving you access to all sorts of different features necessary in today’s world. These top 10 makeup apps cover everything from finding new looks. Enhance your natural beauty with these best makeup applications. So what are you waiting for? You can retouch your pictures with these makeup and beauty applications. Turn any photo into a perfect selfie with these makeup and beauty apps.

10 Free and Best Beauty and Makeup Apps for Android and iPhone

If you are searching for the perfect filter to apply to your online profile photo, you must consider the beauty and makeup apps below. In this article, we will have a look at some of our favorite makeup apps. Our Girls app testing staff personally tested these makeup and beauty apps, and they created this list.

1 – YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor

Our team loves to do experiments with makeup, hairstyle, eyes, and appearance. But many times it becomes hard when you have to go somewhere very quickly, you have few minutes to dress up. YouCam gives girls the opportunity to try out different new looks in seconds without having any complicated instructions, which we have generally seen in makeup videos on YouTube. Choose from over 1 Million different shade styles and get more every day. YouCam is a free makeup app for iOS. The free makeup app has high accuracy, and the makeup will look very professional. If you know how wedding makeup is done and how it would look beforehand, they could use it in a real wedding over a bridal. This application uses artificial intelligence to map out the face structure of an individual to create a makeup style for that particular face.

The makeup results produced by this app are awesome. You can transform your face with a few clicks and filters.

Download YouCam for – iOS

2 – Bestie – Camera360 Beauty Cam : Best Makeup App

If you regularly click photos, then you must download this amazing application. It is a free photo editor, and you can edit your photos professionally with Camera260 beauty Cam. There are various stickers and effects you can use to edit your photos and upload them to your social media handles and grab the attention of your friends. A unique feature of the Bestie app is that it allows girls to learn makeup anywhere. There are various types of makeup brushes as a tool you can try to apply different facial makeup materials.

This application is like an expert makeup artist who always stays with you. With the Bestie app, you can regulate the intensity of a given look when applying it. The app comes with natural on camera or editing features such as – make the eyes bigger, nose smaller, which will look natural.

The interesting feature of this application is its auto makeup feature. It is an innovative way to cover up your skin imperfections. If you have a wrinkled photo existing or just clicked, you can remove the wrinkles from the photo. Remove wrinkles by simply adding some text on the top of the image you want to clean up. There are more than 12 different stylish fonts available to use for free.

Bestie is the best beauty app that is designed so perfectly. This app uses AI and facial recognition technology to apply makeup to a particular face and, and the application is easy to use for all age groups.

Download Bestie Beauty and Makeup Apps for – Android and iOS

3 – Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder is another best makeup and beauty app for iPhone. The application has more than 1 Million downloads, just crossed within 2 months. Photo Wonder recently won the best app award at the App store, so you can imagine how popular this application is. You can edit your photos with this app in different styles like – add emojis, text, and other editing and makeup materials. You will get a step-by-step guide on using the Photo Wonder application and its tools in the app. Edit your eyes and make them attractive within a few clicks.

Photo Wonder is a free makeup app; by using this app, you can create long and luscious eyelashes that make any eye shiny bright. The UI of the app is simple to use for all age groups people. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about photo editing; you can use this app without any photo editing skills.

You can use the Bokeh effects, blur the background and foreground, pigmentation adjustments. You must download and try this amazing photo editor and makeup app.

Download Photo Wonder App for – iOS

4 – AirBrush – Best Photo Editor

Airbrush is one of the best photo editing apps which is used in more than 150 countries. There are different tools to edit photos and especially face editing tools. One best thing about using this application is that after editing the photo heavily(complex manipulations on the photo), the quality of the image is topnotch. If you have some wedding photos of yourself, and you think, hope you could have makeup on that day. So use the airbrush to give a makeup touch to your photos. If you want to add some extra touches of color to your photos and selfies, there is a separate section. You can also use the toolset and make sure that the camera doesn’t wash away.

The Airbrush tool has everything you will need to fix your photos, not only the makeup, but also you can edit the skin using the skin editing tools like – dark under-eye circle remover, pimple treatment tool, facial feature corrector, etc. You also get a teeth whitener tool if you want to have beautiful-looking teeth in your photo. You must try this makeup and beauty app once.

Download AirBrush for – iOS

5 – Snapchat

Snapchat is one popular social media application that became popular because of its good-looking filters and other editing features. Snapchat was the 1st platform that created virtual masks for users to apply on their faces while taking photos. After that, Instagram also shifted to this trend of filters. Nowadays, there are hundreds of applications out there that come with an inbuilt library of filters.

With the advanced and premium makeup apps, you get options for almost all makeup styles, and it’s time-saving also. With these tools, you don’t need to carry the makeup types of equipment or tools, and only you need your smartphone. You will find tons of different AR masks to use. You can chat, go live and do many other things with the Snapchat application.

Download Snapchat App for – Android and iPhone

6 – MakeUp

Makeup is an amazing makeup application for Android and iPhone, and you can retouch your photos very easily on the go with this free makeup app. The app offers some interesting features to edit the photos professionally and give a finishing touch by applying makeup to your photos. Your photos will look like that a professional photographer takes them. The app comes with some great features that make photo retouching very easy.

It is one of the best makeup apps for selfie lovers. It also comes with live effects you can apply to your photos and videos when shot with a camera, Snapchat camera, Instagram, etc. Vintage hairstyle feature is also available for those who want something more natural-looking hairstyle. There are 6 different face styles to choose from, including Christmas face, plus 12 eye shadow colors. So download and try this amazing makeup app and style your photos professionally.

Download Makeup App for – Android and iOS

7 – Visage Lab – Face Retouch

It is an upmarket beauty salon for your facial photos. Visage Lab is a professional makeup application for Android and iPhone. The app comes with different editing tools like – wrinkles remover, outlining the eyes to make them more appealing and attractive, whitening the teeth, etc. You can share the edited photos on your social media handles and show them off in front of your friends, who always upload photos clicked with DSLR. Upload your professionally edited photographs on Instagram and get more engagement, reach as well as brand recognition. Maybe you will get some sponsorship, and slowly you will become a popular social media influencer.

Visage Lab also provides a portrait photography program designed to improve the quality of portraits and allow you to eliminate the cosmetic defects from the images and fix the other errors from the photo.

Download Visage Lab face retouch app for – Android and iOS.

8 – Makeup Plus

If you want to improve your photos’ quality, then the Makeup Plus selfie editing app is perfect for you. You can apply professional makeup to your photos and give a professional retouch to them. Customize your selfies in detail by editing their color, tone of lipstick, lip contour, lip saturation, eyelash length, eyebrow thickness, and hair color. Hide acne, adjust the level of shine, add freckles and blush, and apply different makeup effects with your device’s camera.

You can also buy premium cosmetics from the top cosmetic brands like – Loreal Paris, Tilbury, Clarins, Charlotte, and many more. Choose the right product from a wide range of makeup products. You can apply different cosmetic items to your photos directly and decide which one to buy for your personal use.

Try different hairstyles and become a hairdresser by applying different hair colors to your selfie. You also get a large collection of makeup tutorial videos. Join the community of makeup artists worldwide, learn professional makeup techniques, and share your experiences with others.

Download Makeup Plus App for – iOS

9 – Cymera

Cymera is one of the fastest and modern photo editors that will edit your photos professionally. You get a lot of attractive and new photo filters, effects, stickers for stylish selfies, and atmospheric images. The algorithm of the application will help you to achieve your photo editing goals when editing selfies. You can smooth the skin of your photos, adjust the shape of the nose and lips, enlarge the eyes and give them a shiny special effect.

Get more than 200 elements for hairstyle and makeup that you can add to your picture. You also get settings like – slimness, smile, and big eyes. There is also an interesting feature smart selfie camera that immediately clicks a photo and automatically applies the beauty filters. You also get many standard photo editing tools like – adjust the brightness, contrast, cropping, exposure, and frame rotation. There is a large collection of watermarks, stylish fonts, brushes, masks, memes, frames, vignettes, and many more. Create your best-clicked photo collage. You can join up to 9 photos to create a collage with this application.

Download Cymera App for – Android and iOS

10 – Perfect 365 the best Makeup App

Perfect 365 is an amazing and interesting virtual makeup app and retouch photo editor. The application is capable enough to edit your photos professionally, which makes it a virtual makeup studio. You can remove any skin imperfections in a matter of seconds and different facial features with makeup. Remove the bags and dark circles under your eyes in the photo, choose face and color tone, eyeshadows, erase pimples from your face, whiten your teeth and change the color of the lipsticks or mascara. The editing and makeup opportunities are endless, but you should have to be creative.

Some features of this application work automatically; the user only has to click on the icons/ option, and the effect or feature will be applied automatically. The user interface of the application is fascinating and easy to use. You get the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, and the functions and effects are located in the menu logically in the appropriate categories.

You will also find tips on using cosmetics, makeup recommendations for the day or evening, fine-tuning to make glowing makeup, and sharing your work with other makeup artists and friends on different social media networks.

If you are a girl who wants to look attractive all the time in her photos and real life, then you must download this makeup application.

Download Perfect365 Beauty and Makeup Apps for – Android and iOS


So the above list was all about the best makeup apps for android and iPhone. You can download these makeup apps and become a makeup artist. These apps are tried and tested by our girls app testing team. Edit your photos and apply different makeup style to your selfies and other photos.