Top 10 Best House Decorating Games for Adults in 2021

top home decor apps for adults

There are hundreds of house decorating games for adults, but which one is the best? We created the list of some best home decorating games for Android and iOS you can download and enjoy. Where do we spend most of our time? At our home sweet home, right. Right? But the decoration of home is also essential to keep our house attractive and pleasing all the time. A decorative home gives a fantastic good environment feeling. There are hundreds of ways there are to decorate your home. If you don’t have any idea about home decoration, you must try these best home decorating games for adults that will help you decorate your home very quickly. You will get plenty of options to decorate your home. In this article, we have listed the top 10 best home decorating games for adults you can play.

Most people think that home decorating is just for kids, but if you are looking for something that can add a spicy texture to your living, have some fun with it. There are tons of games out there for people who want to take on the challenge. You can design your dream home without spending a single penny on these creative design games. Create landscape and interior decorating and plenty of projects. The home decorating games for adults are available for both the platforms Android and iOS. Hope you would like this article and play these home decorating games with your friends.

10 Best House Decorating Games for Adults in 2021

Designing a perfect home is not an easy task, but with the help of these house decorating games, you will be able to decorate your dream home. Design and decorate your home by seeing their preview in the application, and you can polish your real room or house after learning decoration with the help of these games.

1 – Home Maker

Create your dream home with this fantastic home decor app. Choose from a wide range of colors, textures, and tiles to create customized rooms and be limitless. Explore the 3D cities, buildings and other infrastructures and search for beautiful homes that you want to rent or buy. Furnish your home with any appliances that you wanna. This home decor game provides hundreds of items that include furniture pieces like bookshelves, bookcases, kitchenware, microwaves, and many more. Pick any of the items and decorate your dream home.

Designing homes is now effortless because of only the Home Maker app. The app offers tons of customization options to renovate your old house interiors. Choose the new interior design features of various types of living spaces. Decorate your kitchens, bathrooms, balcony, hall, and bedroom.

Some key features of Home Maker are:

Design various houses and rooms.

Vote for the best design.

Decorate with tons of unique furniture.

Vibrant design community.

Creative ideas and bring them to your real life.

Share your design.

Get distinguished rewards.

Available for – Android

2 – Home Design Makeover

Another popular home design and decor game. Home Design Makeover welcomes you to test your skills and enhance them, and design houses. You will get 3 puzzles designed by expert designers to learn new designs and decorate and customize your perfect dream house. Home design makeover is one of the best house decorating games for adults and it is available for Android and iOS. You can download as per the device you own and enjoy the game.

You will get an extensive variety of decorations and customization options. Choose from different decoration styles from the app collection and decorate your house. Choose from the styles – Victorian, Art Deco, and Modernist.

Available for – Android and iOS

3 – Kawaii Home Design – Kawaii Halloween Home Decor and Fashion Game

Are you a fan of Home Design and home makeovers, then this house decorating app could be the best choice for you? Rocket Go Global PTE. Ltd develops this application. People who love to decorate homes and makeovers must download this app with lots of creative designs and home decorating ideas. The application remains in trending during the Halloween festive season. If you operate a home decor showroom, it will not be as successful, but this app can help you grow your home decor business.

Some fantastic features of this app are:

  • Relax and express your creativity in DIY home style for your customer
  • Decorate & makeover houses with kawaii decorations in different styles
  • Vote for your favorite designs from other talented Home Stylists
  • Unlock rewards as you polish your unique abilities as a Home Stylist
  • Show your fascinating blueprint with your Facebook friends
  • Be fashionable with many kinds of cute outfits in the Boutique

Available for – Android and iOS

4 – The Sims Freeplay

It is an interactive home decorating game that lets you create, design, and customize your virtual town. You can design and build homes and buildings of different designs and decorate them. Choose from the interior to exterior rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. Give a superior look to the interior and exterior of your home. The possibilities are endless in the game; use your creativity and imagination.

Build your town with the Sims virtual families and watch as they develop, grow from babies to seniors. More money will be invested in these Sims chances of success will be more. Players can purchase rewards at any point during the gameplay in the game. In the game, you have to take care of the children. You get complete customization options to explore the game and other opportunities.

Available for – Android and iOS

5 – Home Fantasy – Dream Home Design Game

It is a creative match 3 puzzle home decoration game where you can build your dream home. You get to blast away at cubes and can decorate your new home walls and others. Match 3 or more objects, move them around the group, and then watch as they turn into colorful paintings that you can hang up anywhere you want, even outside. If you ever think about designing your own home, now it’s time to convert that dream into reality. You get a fun match 3 game where players take on the role of an interior designer and design the house’s interiors.

Players have to complete different challenges in which they have to furnish the rooms with furniture goods and decorate them and give a perfect look to the interior of the rooms. The better the rooms will look, the more stars and ratings you will get from the clients who came to visit for potential homes that may be best and suitable. It would be best to play this creative matching puzzler game because its super excellent experiences await inside.

Some features of the Home Fantasy app are:

  • Sync your game profile easily on different devices.
  • Plenty of color cube elements.
  • Unique and stylish options of furniture.
  • Offline support, play anywhere, anytime.
  • Multiple ways to get rewards and boosts.

Available for – Android and iOS

6 – Sweet House

Sweet house is a new and unique social game that allows you to design your dream house, and you can share your creation with your friends. Make your home sweet home. Create your dream home in this application. Players have the excellent opportunity to create their perfect place in life. You can pick furniture goods for your rooms and choose the items to make your home garden more appealing to your dream home. Explore the rooms of the home through match 3 puzzles or other mini-games. Sweet Home decorating game app helps you design your dream home virtually to convert it into reality later. The trend of virtual reality is increasing day by day and this app works with the VR to show you the home design.

Once you start playing the game, this home design game gives you different tasks where you will have to complete various missions. After every mission, you complete successfully, and within the time limit, you will get some rewards with stars and ratings that can be invested back into gameplay after purchase at any point on their journey through this amazing game world.

The game consists of 120 levels. The players who complete all the levels with a 3 or more stars ratings will unlock new features like Missions Unlimited and Super Bosses. The better you will play, you will unlock other modes and get coins after passing a new level. Rewards like digging machines, bulldozers, etc., are given to the players only by collecting the golden eggs by playing the games.

Available for – Android

7 – Design My Room

It is another free-to-play home decor game that allows players the freedom to design their home interiors. You can design the flooring, walls and furniture goods, and other items of your home to make the interior more appealing. If you want to decorate your room professionally like a luxury hotel, then you must download this app. This home decor game is an entertaining way for creative people to create interior designs and learn new and creative interior home decor professionally.

In this game, the possibilities are limitless because gamers will test their skills and upgrade them to the next level. Gamers will be satisfied by finding themselves on a new enjoyable journey with the new levels. You will find hundreds of empty rooms, homes from various locations, real estate properties to design and decorate.

Design My Room is a fun and creative application that helps you find ways to decorate your rooms. You can choose furniture from an extensive collection of furniture items and wallpapers, flooring tiles, and more that will help you create the perfect space for you.

Available for – Android and iOS

8 – Home Design 3D – 3D House Decorating Game

Home Design 3D has different variants, but all the variants allow you to furnish and design your virtual home. Later you can apply the designs and furnishes to your natural dream home. You can see the preview of your decoration in 3D models which looks so realistic. This unique software is designed to be an easy-to-use planner that will allow you to create a house of your choice and imagine and try new looks. The flexible and realistic design tool lets you visualize your next home, see how a new layout will look at your current home, and have some fun. Create your dream home and decorate your perfect home.

Available for – Android and iOS

9 – House Flipper Home Design and Simulator Game

It is a home design and simulator game for Android. House flipper, house decorating game for adults, and it gives you endless opportunities of designing and customization. It is one of the best rated house decorating game for adults. House Flipper app is for those who have ever watched those TV shows where people buy, rent or run down their homes at auction. This app allows you to buy a wreck, do it up, and sell it on. When you play the game, you will use your money to buy a larger home in the area to renovate and continue this pattern. If you want to try your hand at house flipping, this is a great app that will allow you to experience it.

Available for – Android

10 – Home Design Story

It is another best home decorating game that allows you to create your unique designs and build your dream house. When you play this game, you will have thousands of items to choose from the list to recreate everything that comes into your mind. You can customize everything in your house. You can change and customize every home decor item in this game to create your imaginary dream home. Go beyond your thinking limits and design a perfect home. You don’t only build the house; you also have to decorate it in the game. Choose from different house styles and add all the custom touches to make it more appealing and professional.

If you don’t know how to play this home decorating game for adults, install the game and see the gameplay tutorial video, and you will understand how to play the home design story game. You will get different tasks daily, and you have to complete them. When you complete the tasks, you get coins as a reward, and you can purchase different items in the game with those coins. The graphics of the game are amazing. This game is kids friendly so that if you are a parent, you can easily allow your kid to play this game without worrying about them. You must download these unique home decorating games.

Available for – Android


So these were some best house decorating games for adults that you can download from the Google Play Store and App store. After playing these games regularly, you will design awesome and beautiful-looking homes with the most appealing interior. So go now and download these home decor games for Android and iPhones.