10 Best Male to Female Voice Changer Online

male to female voice changer

Are you looking for voice changer apps? Voice changer apps are so useful these days. Especially when we have to make prank calls to our friends and family, male to female voice changer apps are perfect tools to do that.

You can also use the voice changer apps to create video tutorials for your YouTube channel. If you are an artist and use different characters in your videos with different voices. Then it would be best if you tried these males to female voice changer apps. These tools are best to turn a male voice into a female. But there are also some advantages and disadvantages of each voice changer tool. We created the list of the best girl voice changer apps you can download from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

1 – Voice Changer

Voicechanger.io is one of the best online male-to female voice changers you can use to transform your male voice into a female. This male to female voice changer offers different voice effects such as robots, chipmunks, aliens, kids, women etc. You can use any voice effects as per your requirement, and you can also create a custom voice using the voice effects. You can also generate speech from the text within a few seconds, which is the interesting and unique feature of this male to female voice changer online. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of voicechanger.io male to female voice changer online.

Access the tool here – voicechanger.io


Wide range of different voice effects

Make your voice effects

Supports all popular audio file formats


Advertisements are annoying

Save audio output in . WAV format

2 – LingoJam

LingoJam is one of the powerful web-based voice changer tools you can use on any browser, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc. This voice changer app, male to female, offers you 2 options to convert your male voice into a female voice. This tool also allows you to change the tone of the voice using the pitch adjustment option. You can also create your translator from different languages, an interesting and unique feature of this male-female voice changer. Now, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of LingoJam.

Access the tool here – lingojam.com/MaletoFemaleVoiceChanger


You can record and upload the audio when it comes to changing the voice

A robot voice changer is also available; you can use it to sound like a robot

Simple and easy to operate user interface


You can save the audio output only in . WAV format

Limited voice editing options

3 – Voice Spice Male to female Voice Changer Online

Voice Spice is another best male to female voice changer app online. It is more than a voice changer, and this tool also offers different other features and functions to make greetings, voice maps and recordings. Open the app and start recording your voice, and it will automatically turn your male voice into a female voice. There are 5 voice changing options available: Hell demon, Robot, Man, Woman, Space Squirrel. You can choose any of the voice effects and start recording your voice. This tool also offers you a text to speech option. You can enter your text message into the blank box and click on create a message. Which is an interesting feature you would definitely like. But there are some cons of this voice changer online tool.

Access the tool here – voicespice.com/Default.aspx


Available in-app for Android

Convert text to speech from different languages

Adjust the volume of the audio and output during recording


You can’t upload your own pre-recorded audio clips

Limited voice effects are available(only 5)

4 – Voice Changer

It is another popular and best male to female voice changer app. You can download it for free and use it. This voice changer app comes with some interesting features you can use to edit your voices. You can record the voice and edit it with different sound effects to make your voice more realistic. It is the best realistic male to female voice changer app. You can also insert ambient sounds such as sea, strong wind, sea waves, and many more. But there are some pros and cons of this voice changer app, which are as follows:

Download the male to female voice changer app – Android


Extensive collection of different voice effects and ambient sounds

Upload pre-recorded audio clips from your phone and edit them


This male to female voice changer app is only available for Android devices hope iOS users will get it soon.

Annoying advertisements

To use premium features, you will need to purchase the premium version.

5 – Celebrity Voice Changer

Suppose you want to sound like your favourite celebrity. Then this app is for you. Celebrity voice changer is one of the best male to female voice changer app for iPhone users. As we all know about iPhone users, generally, all of them believe in showing off. So they will be satisfied with the normal voice changer app. That’s why there is the Celebrity voice changer app for them. The app provides a large voice collection of popular Hollywood stars and celebrities, American artists and many more other popular faces. Using this app, you can record your voice via video and insert a caption to the video clip using its built-in editor.

Download Celebrity Voice Changer App for – iOS


Dedicated search bar to find your favourite artist or celebrity

Clean and attractive UI


Available for iOS users hope this app will be available for Android users very soon

Limited voice editing options


So this was the list of the best male to female voice changers online and apps. If you want a dedicated app to change voice, then you can try the application. Otherwise, you can use voice changers online. Each voice changer tool has its unique features and cons as well. Nothing is perfect in this world. But we assure you that you will not need to find any other voice changer app to turn your male voice into a female voice.