10 Best Photo Morphing Apps for Android and iPhone

photo morphing apps for android and ios

Morph your photos with the below best photo morph apps. These photo morphing apps are available for both Android and iOS. Are you searching for the best photo morphing apps for Android and iPhone? Then you have landed on the right page. Here in this article, we created the list of best photo morphing apps that you can download for your Android or iOS smartphone. With the morphing effect, the two photos blend, and the result is a single image.

You already have seen many examples of photo morphing, such as – photo morphs on magazine covers, etc. It was very hard and almost impossible in music videos to create cool effects a few years ago. But currently, technology, software programs, and applications are so smart and capable enough to do any photo and video editing. You can use these photo morphing apps to create funny images of yourself or your friends. If you want to laugh, your friends on the images edited by you must edit your photos using the photo morphing applications.

Top 10 Photo Morphing Apps for Android and iOS

Do funny experiments with your photographs with photo morphing apps. The more creative you will be, the creative and funny pictures you can create with these apps. You get different morphing effects and can mix 2 or more morphing effects to create a morphed image. There are plenty of face morphing apps for Android and iPhone you can download from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

1 – Pic Morph

Pic Morph is a perfect photo morphing app for people who live to edit their selfies uniquely and funnily. You also get an image library of high-quality images you can use for your photo projects. It is an innovative mobile app that helps users take full advantage of their most recent picture by blending it into another one. The images can be saved in GIF format or video clips. You get different categories like birthdays, child photos or graduation hats, etc. You can also use the horror scenes from the movies posters and morph them with your photos.

You can replace your face with someone else’s photo in different ways. These photos will look unique and interesting on your social media profile pictures like Facebook. It would be best if you gave this application a try.

Download Pic Morph for – Android and iOS

2 – Pic Morph Wild Mix

Pic Morph is another popular app that lets you modify your images and add animalistic effect to it. It is more than a photo morph application. You can add animations to your photos, add texture to your lips, make changes to your eyes details to look more wild, add nature inspired beautiful patterns to your skin. Which looks really damm attractive. Your photos will look like they are edited by a professional photographer. The app also provides some animal inspired background you can add to your shots.

This app is slightly different from other photo morphing apps. You don’t have to pick 2 shots and compose them together. You have to take a single picture and select the animalistic texture you want to apply on the picture. The app automatically treats such textures as a snakeskin, feathers, tiger skin etc.

This tool is highly customizable, you can select a textured rush and paint all the areas you want in the photo. Undo and redo options are also there. So that you can correct any editing mistake.

Download Pic Morph Wild Mix App for – Android

3 – Face Morph

Face Morph is another powerful photo morphing app that allows you to mix your portrait photos with stunning animals. The application is smart enough; it uses face recognition technology to analyze the face in a photograph for better layering; choose any photos in which your face is fully visible. The better the photographs you will upload to the app, the better the results you will get.

You get a big image library in the image you can use to mingle your selfies with. You get images of the animals, famous drawings, and many more other types of images. Furthermore, you can also add your images if you don’t like the images in the image app library. Save images in different formats such as vid or GIF. The main disadvantage of this app is that you can’t regulate the picture’s turning speed or the amount of transitioning shots. Otherwise, it is a perfect photo morphing app.

Download Face Morph App for – Android

4 – Face Swap and Morph Animation Maker

It is another best photo morph app for Android. You can transpose your photos with this application. It is more than a photo morphing app; it also lets you capture the blending process. Face Swap, and Morph Animation Maker is one of the best photo morphings and blend apps you can try. This app allows you to save the images in different formats like GIFs or a video format. Share your amazing animated pictures on your social media handles.

For better results, upload good quality selfies in which your face is clearly visible. The main feature of this app is it helps you to select the right pictures according to their size, and you can crop them as per your need. You can zoom the image while morphing for better details editing. The app lets you modify the blending process by zooming in the picture layers and dragging it if needed. Layer animal’s eye on your eyes with this app to look wild.

There are 4 pictures in between the blend, and you can’t change this number, which we can say is a disadvantage of this application. You also can’t regulate the merging speed or the transition effect, which are 2 main drawbacks of this photo morphing application. But they are not a dealbreaker; you can download this app and enjoy it.

Download Face Swap and Morph Animation Maker App for – Android

5 – ZooFace – GIF Animal Photo Morphing Apps

ZooFace is another popular photo morphing and picture blender app. Using this app, you can add wild animalistic effects to your photos. Merge your photos with pets and quickly cope up with the stunning morphs. You get an image library of High-Quality pet images such as cats, cheetahs, tigers, wolves, etc. You can compound with your selfies. The pet image library gets updated regularly, and you see new animal skins there.

Flip the image, work on images in layers for better detailing, and many other customization options. You can zoom in and mirror the pictures. Again, we recommend you choose the pictures or selfies in which your face is clearly visible. Otherwise, the result will not be so perfect. You get different morphing tools such as split tool, crop tool, etc.
Once the image transformation is done, you can decorate the image with captures and use color correction filters or remove the noise from the image. Save your projects in different file formats such as JPG, GIF, mp4, etc.

Download ZooFace – Android

6 – Animal Face – Safari at Home

The animal face is another best photo morph app for iPhone. This app lets you mingle your selfies with an animal. If you are looking for an app by which you can use the skin of animals with your selfies, then this is the app. You get a wide variety of pet pictures to transpose into your selfies. There are dogs, cats, tigers, wolves, cheetahs, Giraffes, etc. Pick any clear shot of yourself, and then add an animal face to morph into your photo.

You can upload an existing picture from your gallery or click a new picture. The morphing process is automatic; choose a photo and choose any animal face. The app will automatically apply the effect on the image within a few seconds. But you can’t regulate the blending depth or erase some blend components, which is the drawback of this application. Once the filter is applied to the image, you can save it in different formats and share it directly from the application share button on different social channels.

Download Animal Face Morphing App for – iOS

7 – Morphy – Face Morph GIF App

Morphy is a face morph app that lets you capture stunning time=lapse transitions between 2 pictures. You can add 2 pictures together and capture a time-lapse of the blending process, which is interesting. It is the unique feature of this application. You can make all kinds of morphing, such as an animal or person, morphing into a celebrity, or transitioning between your child shots. You can also add as many images as you want, and the app will merge the photos automatically. Switch the orders of the pictures and the face points for blending.

The app also provides you with a massive image library of High-Quality images you can use to morph your photos. Once all the images are selected and aligned, you get the option to view the layering transition and save it in GIF or vid format. Direct social sharing option is also there to different social media platforms.

Both free and paid versions of this application are available; you can choose as per your need. But we think the free version is enough for general purposes. But if you work with clients and have any editing and photography business, you can purchase the paid version of the app.

Download Morphy Face Morph App for – iOS

8 – InstaFace – Photo Morph App with Animal Effect

InstaFace is another popular photo blend and photo morphing app for Android and iOS. The app offers 3 types of picture mix – regular picture mixing, part one, and the split picture. There are more than 50 images you can layer your pictures with. From cats to dogs, monkeys to tigers and birds, you get all kinds of animals and birds skins to morph with your photos. The image library gets regular updates, so the users get new images after every update. They regularly add different amazing images to the image library.

If you want to mix your half face with an animal face, you will have to decide the area of the animal mast you want to mix with your half face. You can flip the mask, mirror it, and erase the unwanted parts from the image. Also, you can adjust the blending strength and smooth the edges if needed. If you don’t want to go with the full face mask mix, you can choose only an animal eye filter.

This app will turn your selfie into an animalistic picture within a few clicks. For better results, use a full-face selfie in which your face is visible with proper lighting in the image.

Download InstaFace App for – Android and iOS

9 – Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

Swap face is an interesting face changer and photo morphing app for Android and iPhone. It comes with some advanced editing tools. One of the biggest highlights of this application is Face swapping. If you want to swap your face with your favorite star, you can easily do it with this app. Swap your face with superstars, TV serial stars, whatever you want.

The app comes with excellent face recognition technology, and it switches faces with high precision and accuracy. So that the outcome of the image looks very natural, you can save 1 face from a picture and then use it on a different picture. Facebook’s integration is also there to adjust the skin tone and other things, which seems very professional.
One can blend and match the facial expression features of diverse characters to make a new character. The app is fully loaded with plenty of celebrity faces and photos you can use for your photo mixing and face-swapping projects.

Download Face Swap Booth for – Android and iOS

10 – FaceApp

FaceApp is a popular face-swapping app for Android and iPhone. This app was the trending app of 2018, I think. Swap your photos for free with the best photo morphing app like FaceApp. The app has over 500 million downloads from all over the world. So you can imagine how popular this application is. You can turn your selfies into modeling portraits. So, are you ready to transform your images?

You can apply different effects to your selfies, such as background filters and other tools to morph your photo in a single click. Now, no need to hire a professional photographer for your photo shoot. Take good photos and put them into FaceApp, and your images will transform. They will look alike, professionally edited with expensive photo editing softwares.

There are more than 60 Artificial Intelligence-based filters you can use on your photos. Edit images as well as videos with FaceApp. Our overall experience was excellent with the FaceApp.

Download FaceApp for – Android and iOS


We tried all the above photo morphing applications one by one, and these all have their unique abilities. It is hard to choose the best. But for me, I personally like FaceApp, Morphy, and Pic Morph. They fulfilled my requirements, so these 3 are the best photo morph apps for me. But maybe the best ones could be the right choice for you. So download these photo morph applications and morph your images.