10 Best Prank Call Websites – Make Unlimited Prank Calls

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It is hard to find the best prank call website. Isn’t it? Don’t worry, we created the list of the best prank calling websites you can use to make unlimited free prank calls. The websites below are updated and tested by our team of experts. All the websites have their own unique features.

Looking for the best prank call websites? To make prank with your friends and loved ones. Here is the list of the best prank calling sites you can use to make prank with your friends. Want to make fun of your friend? If yes, then why not try some best prank call websites. There are so many pranks call ideas out there you can try with your known ones. There are many websites to make prank calls, you can use to do a prank call. Below we created the list of the best prank calling sites you can try as per your need. The functionality of all the websites is almost the same, but each website has its own uniqueness. In this article, we listed the best prank call websites to make prank calls. Simply enter the number of the person and dial a prank call for free. Make unlimited prank calls using these free prank call websites.

You can make free prank calls using these sites for free. But to use extra features, you will need to purchase a subscription. These prank call websites work very fine, and you can pre-listen the call recording before sending it to the victim. Which is a great feature. Try different prank call ideas to have a group fun with your old friends gang.

We also do prank calls to our old college friends, it rewinds our old collage days memories. Hope you will like the below list of best prank call sites you can try.

So let’s have a look at the best prank call sites:

10 Prank Call Websites to Make Unlimited Free Prank Calls

Here is the list of the top 10 best prank call websites you can try and have some fun with your friends or family. Prank call websites are best to do time pass when you have some spare time. Make prank calls to your friends, family and neighbours and have some fun.

1 – Prank Dial

When we talk about the best prank-calling websites, then the first name that comes on the list is Prank Dial. Prank Dial is one of the popular prank-call websites which is used in India as well as in other countries. It offers a wide range of free prank calls that can be sent to your family members or friends and have some fun with them. Simply dial the number of the person with whom you want to make prank calls. You can choose any prank and send it to a person, and you can make a prank call for free. But the free prank calls are limited, to make more prank calls you will need some kind of subscription or the token purchase system is there. There is a search option you can use to search and browse pranks from the large database of fun clippings. To send a prank call to your friend or family member, simply enter his or her phone number and an alias number using any country code and click on the Send to Push-button. You will have to record the call for sending the prank call which is not so good but in free what you can expect. With the paid version, you can make live prank calls to your known ones.

Visit website – Prankdial.com

2 – Comedy Calls – Popular Prank Call Websites

Comedy calls is another popular prank calling website which offers a wide range of humorous calls that can be sent to anyone. You will get a broad list of funny prank calls from several categories so that you can choose your best call and make fun with your friends. This is a good entertainment site to laugh at and doesn’t contain any annoying calls that might hurt your friends emotionally. The working of Comedy Calls is simple – Choose any type of comedy call and enter the recipient’s mobile number and click on the Send button to send the prank call to the victim. The Comedy Calls also come with a premium paid version that lets you spoof your caller ID and you can use a separate number to make the prank calls. The paid version also provides you a feature which is you can schedule a call for a later time and access an ads-free experience.

Visit website – comedycalls.com

3 – Prank Owl

Prank owl is a popular free prank call website that lets you send automated sound and funny prank calls to your friends or family members. You can record the prank call to hear the preview of the call and then send it to the victim. It also offers a unique feature, you can force 2 unknown people to make prank calls to each other and listen to their calls with its Operator prank feature. It also allows you to spoof your caller ID and your phone number will appear as an unknown number, or you can select the custom number. Prank Owl also offers a wide range of premium features by earning tokens like ads-free calling, higher priority to make calls handcrafted green name, call from more countries, etc. You can also set a time limit to make individual calls. You must try this best prank call website once and have some fun.

Visit website – prankowl.com

4 – Phone Losers

As the name of the website tells that the prank on this website are going to be so crazy. Phone Losers is an American prank call website that contains a big list of funny prank calls. This site offers prank calls in the form of MP3 files that can be sent to your family members or friend anonymously. You will find many prank calls on Phone Losers prank call websites like funny prank calls, humorous as well as nonsense prank calls. These prank calls are enough for annoying your friend and will give you a perfect laugh you will never forget.

Visit website – phonelosers.com

5 – Prank Call Nation

It is considered to be one of the largest prank call station websites that include many prank call clippings you can send to anyone. This site is designed and developed for mainly Canada and USA, but it is also used in many other countries. You can pre-listen the prank call before sending it to anyone. There are millions of users of Prank Call Nation from the USA and Canada itself and this website is also used in some European, Asian, African and South American countries. They have many customers of calling service in the USA and Canada specially.

Visit website – prankcallnation.com

6 – Foxy Calls

Foxy calls is one of the best websites to make unlimited prank calls to your friends and family. You can make prank calls and send text messages to anyone from an unknown number. You can hide your caller ID. Not only that, but you can spoof your caller ID very easily with this website. Furthermore, you can also modify your voice and record the calls. Foxy call also allows you to mask your phone number and use any other number to give a prank call. This website is currently in the beta testing stage and for the time being, if you want to access all the features of the website then it is possible with invitation only. It is one of the reputed and old prank calling website, and they have millions of users all over the world. Their prank calling service is one of the top-notch, so that people easily can’t feel that they are being pranked.

Visit website – betalist.com/startups/foxycall

7 – My Phone Robot

MyPhoneRobot is another popular prank calling website, but it is available for the USA and Canada. So if you are living in these countries then this could be the perfect website to make prank calls. This website also offers some interesting features like fake text generator, call spoofing, prank call history, and you can also send a pre-recorded prank call to your enemies. This prank calling website is popular in the United States and Canada.

Visit Website – myphonerobot.com

8 – Spoof Box

Spoof Box is a one on one prank call website to make free unlimited prank calls. With Spoof Box, you can do group prank calls and choose from a wide range of pre-recorded audio. There is a separate category which is called “Karen” where you get to speak to an unreasonably entitled dirtbag of a human being, which is a good feature of this prank calling site. It is the perfect prank call website out there. You can also download the Android or iOS application of Spoof Box prank call website. You can send spoof text messages, spoof calls or prank calls to your friends, family or loved ones. Furthermore, you get a virtual phone number to make prank calls, which is amazing.

Visit Website – spoofbox.com

9 – Blow Up the Phone

Blow up the phone is something different from a prank call website. Using this website, you can send prank text messages as well as prank calls to your friends. You can send unlimited hilarious messages and calls to your friends. Blow up the phone is one of the best prank call website and prank message website.

Visit Website – blowupthephone.com

10 – Spoof My Phone

Spoof My Phone is another best prank calling website which is so popular in the United States. This website is popular in different countries with different domain extensions, you can select from the menu bar of the website. This website provides you a number to make prank calls. If you want to make spoof calls with a fake caller ID, then you can do very easily use this website. You can make anonymous phone calls to your friends or known ones. You can also add custom background noises to make your prank call more realistic.

Visit Website – spoofmyphone.com


So these were the best prank call websites to make free unlimited prank calls to your friends, family members. But don’t try to misuse prank call websites because your fun can hurt someone emotionally. So have some fun by making pranks with your known ones. All the above prank call sites have their own uniqueness, so it is hard to clear the best prank call website. But our overall experience was really awesome with all the websites listed above.

Note: Please don’t misuse the prank calling websites to hurt someone emotionally. Make prank calls to your known ones always and before ending the call make sure you told them already that it is a prank call.