SuperMii – Avatar Maker App


Cartoon avatar maker apps are so popular these days we will ba talking about one of the best avatar maker app which is – SuperMii.

It is one of the best cartoon avatar maker app to create unique looking avatars. This application can be used to create custom cartoon avatar. SuperMii app follows the Japanese anime concept and gives and animatic feel to the customized avatar.

There are many tools to customize your avatar and make them more animalistic and cool. The trend of cool avatar as Facebook profile is these days, so why not try some new. You must download SuperMii app. Our team created many avatar as per their creativity and the results were impressive.

SuperMii is one of the top-rated avatar maker app for Android. If you are searching for an app that help you to create trending avatar and share on your social media and get some fame.

Features of SuperMii App

1 – You can choose male or female avatar to start your cartoon character creation

2 – Many cute personalized faces, hairstyles and expressions with different details let you create unique cartoon expressions

3 – Express various emotions on the face of your avatar with different shapes of eyebrows, eyes and mouth

4 – The skin color, hair color and clothing color can be customized to give you a unique appearance and show your imagination and fashion sense

5 – Various accessories: masks, hats, glasses, hairpins, clothing, headwear, wings, horns and tails to make your personal style distinctive

6 – You can also add custom text in the cartoon avatar editor, let the avatar become the endorsement

7 – With Rich custom background, you can customize the background color or even the transparent background color, and help you create cartoon badges, community logos

8 – You can save the creation to your mobile phone and update your social network avatar: Facebook、WeChat、Whatapp、Twitter、Instagram、Pinterest、linkedin…

9 – You can share the avatar you created via Email, SMS, Bluetooth and social networks

10 – Communicate the creation of your cartoon avatar online with nearly 10 million users around the world, and share your creation to get more praise and communication from global cartoon and cartoon lovers